About Us

The ECC story really began over twenty-five years ago when Stephen Haney, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ECC, began working the evening shift as an hourly housekeeper while attending college. During these years he became very frustrated as he advanced to the executive level during his many years with various hospital housekeeping companies. Some of his frustrations were that these large companies were more focused on increasing profits, over-charging customers and under-cleaning the hospitals that they served. Less time was spent on training employees, developing managers, and less money spent on quality equipment to support the efforts of their teams. While providing the tools necessary to have a very positive impact on customer satisfaction scores in regards to the cleanliness of the facility.

In 1985, with his wealth of experience in the hospital housekeeping and laundry service industries, he formed a new company —Environmental Cost Control, Inc. He had one goal; to provide quality housekeeping, Exclusively for the Healthcare Industry, while controlling costs for the company and the hospitals he served.

After several years Stephen decided to expand the vision of the company to reach out to other markets that require quality housekeeping services. ECC has developed and implemented housekeeping programs of excellence designed specifically for Assisted Living Facilities and Surgical Centers.

Our executive team still operates the old fashioned way upon which the company was founded with respect and support for our account managers who in turn provide the same to the staff that report to them.

ECC is designed to provide housekeeping systems in a superior way, not only by benefiting from years of experience in the industry, but never losing perspective of our customers and their changing needs.